My aims

Image description: Cartoon of Vic and Veronica either side of a Trans Pride Flag with a heart in the middle of it

I want to share my experiences of being a partner to a trans person as they go through their personal, social and medical transition. I’m hoping it can serve as a resource or additional perspective for other people who are partners to trans people — whether they met before or after their partners’ social transition began.

I will also share some of my partner’s experiences of being a partner to a person with disabilities, both to give context to my approach to her transition and to perhaps serve as additional perspective to others whose partners have disabilities.

Since being an ally is also about stepping back and letting those you support speak, I also want to give space to trans people, their partners and their allies. Interviews, guest posts and links to their creative works will hopefully be a large part of what I do.

I hope you’ll join me and help me be a good partner and a good ally.