News and items of Interest (June 23, 2019)

Image description: Cartoon of Derek sitting at a newsreader's desk
I’d probably dress a bit nicer to read the news.

Image description: Cartoon of Derek sitting at a news reader’s desk

Here’s some of the news and items of interest that I noticed this week. What did you see or hear that interested you?

NOTE: News with a content warning comes at the bottom of the page to help people overwhelmed by bad news to avoid it. If you’re not in a place to read bad news, stop at that point. If you’re an ally, always remember check before sharing such stories as it can get overwhelming.

Good news about or affecting trans, nonbinary and intersex people

Best-selling writer Janet Mock has signed a three-year deal with Netflix to produce content for them. This is really exciting given her experience, perspective and proven ability to tell stories. She’s an executive producer, director and writer on the absolutely brilliant Pose, and her books Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty are brutally honest and insightful. Variety has more details here and she shares insights into being “the first…” here.

The True Name card project from Mastercard Inc. sounds like a really positive step forward. They’re working with banking partners to do something that will benefit trans and nonbinary people: introducing cards that let customers use the name they want without requiring a legal name change. Lots of outlets are carrying the story.

Iceland has just passed a new gender identity law, creating an informed consent model for trans and nonbinary people who are medically and legally transitioning; and adding a third gender option to their National Registry (45 yes votes, 0 no votes, 3 abstained, 15 absent).

Writer and activist Alexandra Day shares her experience of being a trans woman in Ireland. It’s a lovely and honest piece.

What the Trans!? has a new episode out. Michelle and Ashleigh do a fantastic job of summing up news from around the world in an informative and entertaining way.

Good news about or affecting people with disabilities

Disability awareness consultant Andrew Gurza has been honored as one of Queerty’s Pride50. Andrew, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, created the viral hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot and constantly uses his platform to share love for creators with disabilities. He’s also queer, forthright and brilliant.

In response to the ongoing issues with Universal Credit and personal independence payment (PIP) assessments in the U.K., Scope has launched a helpline. It’s based in Leeds but will support people nationwide.

News with a content warning

CW: Murder
Zoe Spears is the tenth trans woman of color to be murdered in the U.S. in 2019. Think about those numbers: 10 women in 6 months in 1 country. Realize that America is not unique in this. Remember their names: Dana Martin (31). Jazzaline Ware. Ashanti Carmon (27). Claire Legato (21). Muhlaysia Booker (23). Michelle Washington (40). Paris Cameron (20). Chynal Lindsey (26). Chanel Scurlock (23). Zoe Spears (23). And recognize that as long as politicians, media figures and media outlets use and spread rhetoric that diminishes the humanity of LGBTQIA+ people, these horrific stories will continue.

CW: Politics
BS Scotland has put reform of the Gender Recognition Act on hold, citing the usual scaremonger idea of “dangerous men misusing the law” while still claiming a commitment to the reforms. The Guardian also discusses the issue and compares the progress in Iceland (see above) to what’s going on in the U.K.

CW: Abuse
The aforementioned disability activist Andrew Gurza was physically and emotionally abused by a care assistant at March of Dimes. In response to an expression of frustration about a lack of cover for the weekend, Andrew says the care assistant roughly pulled him out of his shower, pushed him into bed and left him there for well over an hour. It’s an upsetting story — and a very familiar one.

CW: Profit over people
The airline easyJet is showing its lack of care about passengers with disabilities again. Hiding behind health and safety rules that don’t seem to hinder other airlines, they say they do not allow passengers with limited mobility to fly unaccompanied and that the traveling companion must also pay full price for their ticket. I’ve flown with numerous other airlines and not been expected to bring a care assistant along — I’ve even had flight attendants explain how they’d help me in an emergency.

One comment

  1. Thanks for these news summaries, and for the content warnings, and the source links. ❤ ❤ ❤

    There is good and bad. Both have to be acknowledged to understand the reality of people's lives — and then to change it. ❤

    Also, glad to also hear that Northern Ireland has moved forward on LGBTQIA+ and reproductive rights, even if it happened in the context of suspended Assembly.


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