News and items of interest (July 1, 2019)

Image description: Cartoon of Derek sitting at a newsreader's desk
Image description: Cartoon of Derek sitting at a newsreader’s desk

Here’s some of the news and items of interest from the past week. Please share anything else you noticed that’s relevant.

NOTE: News with a content warning comes at the bottom of the page to help people overwhelmed by bad news to avoid it. If you’re not in a place to read bad news, stop at that point. If you’re an ally, always remember check before sharing such stories as it can get overwhelming.

Items about or affecting trans, nonbinary and intersex people

These video interviews with intersex people (posted on TicToc by Bloomberg) are well worth your time, whether you’re familiar with the topic or not. Sean, Aleks and Tanya eloquently give insight into their experiences.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot (Health Commissioner of New York City) and Carmelyn P. Malalis Commissioner of the New York City Commission on Human Rights) are calling for an end to surgeries on intersex infants. Content warning: touches on surgery and post-surgical trauma

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, a leading plastic surgeon with extensive experience with trans people, has offered to teach and/or perform surgical techniques that support medical transition in Ireland. She met with the Irish Minister for Health and I sincerely hope the meeting changes the situation in Ireland soon.

GLAAD criticized IMDB for deadnaming transpeople, something that Wikipedia and other online resources have also been criticized for. IMDB seem to be hiding behind the “comprehensive” excuse, which sidesteps the actual issue: that nobody has the rights to someone else’s identity and the only name that matters is the one people are using now.

GCN posted a well-written guide to binding.

News with a content warning

CW: Murder
Brooklyn Lindsey is the eleventh trans woman of color to be murdered in the U.S. in 2019. That’s 11 women in 6 months in just 1 country. Remember their names: Dana Martin (31). Jazzaline Ware. Ashanti Carmon (27). Claire Legato (21). Muhlaysia Booker (23). Michelle Washington (40). Paris Cameron (20). Chynal Lindsey (26). Chanel Scurlock (23). Zoe Spears (23). Brooklyn Lindsey (32). And as I had to say only one week ago: recognize that as long as politicians, media figures and media outlets use and spread rhetoric that diminishes the humanity of LGBTQIA+ people, these horrific stories will continue.

CW: Murder
In Pakistan, Maya Akbar, a 19-year old trans woman, was murdered. The police have arrested her father. She had been staying with friends because she was afraid of him. She only returned home because he gave the local authorities written assurance that he wouldn’t hurt her. Hours later, she was dead.

CW: Transphobic abuse
Members of the Irish Coast Guard who marched in Dublin Pride were called out for transphobic behavior at and outside a bar after the march. The ICG has promised to address this. A security guard working at the event also engaged in transphobic behavior. His actions were called on the stage by representatives of TENI.

It’s appalling that at a Pride event, there were people who’d marched or been hired to keep marchers safe who felt no shame in using abusive transphobic language. And it’s not the only news of this kind from the last month.

We need incidents like this to be called out and condemned. TENI are running a campaign around transphobia, homophobia and biphobia. Learn more about Call It Out here.

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